Our Mission

The purpose of the Johnston Development Board of Edgefield County, a nonprofit Corporation [501(c)(6)] chartered under the laws of the State of South Carolina as set forth in its charter, are the following:

Promoting11 the business interest of Edgefield County with specific focus on Johnston and its marketing area, including rendering financial and other assistance to the manufacturing, industrial, commercial business and trade development of the County and of the Johnston market area specifically to induce the location of other manufacturing, industrial, scientific, educational, recreational, cultural and business establishments to the Johnston area; to purchase, subdivide, sell and lease real property in Edgefield County, South Carolina, and erect or repair any building or improvements for the use of any manufacturing, industrial, scientific, educational, recreational, cultural or business enterprise in Johnston or vicinity, and to accumulate and lend money for said purposes; to promote community businesses of the local merchants and businesses, to promote, support and encourage community service organizations; to promote current industry appreciation; and to encourage and promote the growth of the town.